Election Information

03-26-2020 Primary Election Candidates

See the following links for the candidates for the June 2, 2020 Primary Election. Click this link to view State and Federal races and click this link to view Sioux County candidates.

03-19-2020 – Absentee Ballot Request Form

Click here to download an absentee ballot request form for the June 2 Primary Election. Be sure to check which political party box on the form.

03-24-2020 – June 2 Primary Election

Sioux County Auditor & Commissioner of Elections is urging people who wish to vote in the June 2 Primary Election, to vote an absentee ballot by mail. Click here to view the full news release. Note, the Iowa Secretary of State extended the absentee voting by mail to begin on April 23, 2020.

02-19-2018 – Voter ID Law

Click here to to learn more about the new Voter ID Laws.

09-29-16 – Resources for Disabled Voters and Disabled Veterans

Click here for resources for disabled voters and disabled veterans.