2019 Board Resolutions
2019-01 Master Matrix Resolution 2019-02 Depository Resolution 2019-03 Budget Amendment FY19(3)
2019-04 Deputy Recorder Appointment 2019-05 Extension Agreement-SxCnty-BH-CityofBoyden 2019-06 Secondary Road Transfer#1
2019-07 Elected-Official-Compensation-Resolution 2019-08 Resolution for Hull-Boyden-Ireton Fiber Optics Premier Comm 2019-09 ReadiFuels-Iowa Tax Exemption-ReadiFuels
2019-10 Approve Budget - Certify Taxes FY20 2019-11 Resolution Appointing ACA 2019-12 Joint City-County Agreement - Alton Industrial Park
2019-13 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund 2019-14 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road 2019-15 Tax Abatements Resolution
2019-16 Budget Amendment FY19 2019-17 Secondary Road Transfer#2 2019-18 Weed Resolution
2019-19 Salary Resolution 2019-20 Resolution to Appoint UMB Bank substitute Registrar for Bankers Trust 2019-21 Dept Budget Adjustment
2019-22 Appropriation Resolution-100% FY20 2019-23 Authorize County Auditor to Issue Checks to Make Payments without Prior Board Approval 2019-24 Courthouse Capital Improvements Transfer
2019-25 Road Closure 2019-26 Dakota Access Pipe Line Completion Resolution 2019-27 Urban Renewal Joint Agreement with Sioux Center
2019-28 Appointing UMB Bank as Paying Agent Registrar Transfer Agent 2019-29 Approving and Authorizing Loan Agreement 2019-30 Resolution BOS- HARTMAN Rezone
2019-31 Resolution Appointing ACA Hoisington 2019-32 RESOLUTION for Hawarden Iowa fiber project 2019-33 Resolution Title VI-Appoint Coordinator
2019-34 O'Brien Co Resolution to join SRMHDS 2019-35 Resolution to Approve Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan Administrative Contract


2018 Board Resolutions
2018-01 Matrix Construction Evaluation 2018-02 Depository Resolution 2018-03 Resolution Approving Voluntary Annexation Orange City
2018-04 Budget Amendment FY18 2018-05 Secondary Road Transfer#1 2018-06 Elected Official Compensation Resolution
2018-07 Approve Budget - Certify Taxes FY19 2018-08 Amendments to Ordinance #1 2018-09 Zoning Map Update
2018-10 Salary Resolution 2018-11 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund 2018-12 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road
2018-13 Deputy Auditor Appointment 2018-14 Secondary Road Transfer #2 2018-15 Resolution Setting Registration Fees for ATV Ordinance No. 27
2018-16 Weed Resolution 2018-17 Tax Abatements 2018-18 City of Hospers Speed Limit-Log Avenue
2018-19 Budget Amendment FY18 2018-20 Form of Extension Agreement - Liberty Heights URP-Hull-BH 2018-21 Sioux Resolution to Vacate 510th Street
2018-22 Appropriation Resolution-100% FY19 2018-23 Courthouse Capital Improvements Transfer 2018-24 Authorize Co Aud to Issue Checks to Make Pymnts w/out Prior Board Approval
2018-25 Dept Budget Adjustment 2018-26 Road Closure Resolution 2018-27 Resolution BOS- Groeneweg Rezone petition
2018-28 Budget Amendment FY19 2018-29 Resolution to Schedule Public Hearing for Mai Property 2018-30 Application of Niman Ranch to IA Econ Dev
2018-31 Resolution to Disclaim Any Interest in Mai Property 2018-32 Abatement of Taxes 2018-33 Resolution Brunsting Rezone
2018-34 Resolution to Set Date to Discuss Nature Center Bond 2018-35 Accept Lyon County into Sioux Rivers MH 2018-36 Local Match Hazard Mitigation Program
2018-37 Resolution Directing Notice of Meeting for Additional Action-Nature Center 2018-38 Budget Amendment FY19(2) 2018-39 Resolution Making Fine Collection Permanent
2018-40 Resolution Insitutuing Proceedings to Take Additional Action-Nature Center
2017 Board Resolutions
2017-01 MATRIX Construction Evaluation 2017-02 Depository Resolution 2017-03 Sioux Co CDBG - Application Resolution for FCC project
2017-04 STEPPING UP INITIATIVE Resolution 2017-05 Secondary Road Transfer#1 2017-06 ORIGINAL Waiving Notice Joint Extension-Improvement-Op of Airport
2017-07 Approve Recommendation-Comp Board 2017-08 Approve Budget - Certify Taxes FY18 2017-09 SCRAA Sioux County - Resolution Authorizing Issuance
2017-10 Noteboom Rezone WEST BRANCH 33T 2017-11 General Supplemental Transfer 2017-12 Secondary Road Transfer#2
2017-13 Precinct Atlas 28E Resolution 2017-14 Salary Resolution 2017-15 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund
2017-16 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road 2017-17 Weed Resolution 2017-18 Repeal Resolution 1984-12-Bounty on Pocket Gopher Feet
2017-19 Tax Abatement 2017-20 Stop Sign at Intersection 380th St and Hwy 75 2017-21 Appropriation Resolution #1 FY18
2017-22 Resolution Approving Voluntary Annexation Granville 2017-23 Authorize County Auditor to Issue Checks to Make Payments without Prior Board Approval 2017-24 Resolution Approving Voluntary Annexation Sioux Center
2017-25 Road Closure Resolution 2017-26 Resolution -No Parking - City of Hospers 2017-27 Stop Intersection 320th Perkins
2017-28 Nyhof Dairy 14 day waiver 2017-29 Resolution Approving Ambulance Plan 2017-30 Tax Abatement
2017-31 Application of K2W Precision Inc IA Econ Dev 2017-32 Budget Amendment FY18 2017-33 Appropriation Resolution Amendment #1
2017-34 Opioid Epidemic Resolution 2017-35 Resolution Setting Public Hearing 2017-36 Resolution Releasing Easement
2017-37 Family Crisis Center - Sioux Co CDBG Administration Contract 12-8-17 2017-38 Election Security Resolution 2017-39 Procurement Policy - Sioux County
2016 Board Resolutions
2016-01 MATRIX Construction Evaluation 2016-02 Depository Resolution 2016-03 Refinancing of Loan-Public Safety Center
2016-04 Endorsement of RISE Application 2016-05 Approve Preliminary Official Statement for G.O. Bond 2016-06 Secondary Road Transfer#1
2016-07 Approve Recommendation-Compensation Board 2016-08 Cancel Outstanding Warrants 2016-09 Institute Proceedings to Issue GO Notes
2016-10 Authorize Redemption of Bonds 2016-11 Proposal Acceptance Northland Securities 2016-12 - 3 year PT Fines Collection Clerk
2016-13 Appointing Bankers Trust to serve as Paying Agent 2016-14 Approve Auth Ln Agrmnt and Provide the Issuance and Levy a Tax to Pay Notes 2016-15 Approve Budget - Certify Taxes 2016-2017
2016-16 Re-Zone Holland 28 Ag to RR 2016-17 Procurement Policy Hazmat Mitigation Grant 2016-18 Appropriation Resolution Amendment
2016-19 General Supplemental Transfer 2016-20 UR Debt Service Transfer to UR Bond Debt Service Fund 2016-21 Urban Renewal Transfer to Secondary Road
2016-22 Weed Resolution 2016-23 Salary Resolution FY17 2016-24 Secondary Road Transfer#2
2016-25 Tax Abatement May 2016-26 - Resolution Appointing Assistant County Atty 2016-27 Appropriation Resolution 1st Half FY17
2016-28 Waiver of Right to Appeal DNR 2016-29 Authorize County Auditor to Issue Warrants without Board Approval 2016-30 Road Closure Resolution
2016-31 Appropriation Resolution Amendment FY17 2016-32 Voluntary Annexation Sx Center 2016-33 Resolution Appointing VWC
2016-34 28E Agreement Revision Regional Airport 2016-35 K52 Speed Reduction Hull 2016-36 Appropriation Resolution Amendment #2 FY17
2016-37 Abatement of Taxes 2016-38 Extend Speed Limit 2016-39 Resolution Ratifying-Confirming-Approving Publication Notice of Public Hearing
2016-40 Resolution instituting proceedings to take additional action

2012 Board Resolutions
01-Depository Resolution 02-MATRIX Construction Evaluation 03-Property Tax Suspension Evert De Bondt
04-General Supplemental Fund Transfer 05-Secondary Road Transfer 06-Sale of Right of Way to Floral Plant Growers LLC
07-Amendment to Sioux County Zoning Ordinance 08-Waive 14 Day Waiting Period-Rolling View Farms 09-Salary Resolution 2012
10-Sale of County Right of Way to Floral Plant Growers LLC 11 Resolution - Set Public Hearing on Excess Right of Way Sale (Shelley Timmer) 12-Hazmat signature authorization for NW IA P&D
13-Designation of Applicants Authorized Representative 14-Approving and entering intoReal Estate Agreement with Le Sharon Osterkamp 15-Approving sale of Right of Way to Shelley R Timmer
16-General Supplemental Fund Transfer 17-Secondary Road Fund Transfer 18-Approving and entering into Real Estate Agreement with Greg Lynott Et Al
19-Set Date for Refinancing Public Hearing 20 Change Zoning Classification 21-Refinance GO Bond-Final Approval
22-Refinance GO Bond-Road 23-Accepting Real Estate Purchase Agreement -- Lynott 24-Waiver to Right to Appeal Issuance of Permit by IDNR
25-Weed Control Resolution 26-Amendment Department Budgets 27-Authorizing Service Area Amendment
28-Abatement of Taxes 29-Appropriations for Departments for Fiscal Year 2013 30-Property Tax Suspension
31-Appoint Bankers Trust Co of Des Moines as Paying Agent 32-Approving & Authorizing Loan Agreement for GO Bonds 33-Road Closure
34-Amend Attorney-Nurse-Social Services and Med Ex Dept Budgets 35-28E Agreement with City of RV for 300th St Project 36-Abatement of Taxes
37-28E Agreement with City of Rock Valley 38-Abatement of Taxes 39-Public Improvement Project on 470th St
40-Redesign of Publicly Funded Mental Health and Disability Services 41-Waive 14 Day Waiting Period - VP Port II, LLC 42-Abatement of Taxes
43-Zoning Classification Change 44-Airport Fund Transfer 45-Appropriation Resolution December